Merry Forester Series

The Series will be played as two single-day PDGA Tier C events at the Drava Forester disc golf course in Varaždin. Each event will be played in FPO and MPO divisions in two 14-hole rounds. The layout will be the same for both events.

Events will be played on:
December 14, Saturday - Merry Forester Day 1 - Sign up - PDGA event page
December 28, Saturday - Merry Forester Day 2 - Sign up - PDGA event page

All throws (made by players who will play in both events) will be summed up for a player's final score and ranking, so basically it will be like playing a 4-round tournament on 2 different weekends. There will be a small winner's ceremony for each event.

Players can also join just a single (or two) events but in that case they will not be included in Series overall ranking.

Tournament fee is 100 kn / ~14€. Tournament fee should be paid during the tournament.

No food is included in the fee but we can order in (pizza etc. on request)

December 28 tournament schedule
Starting from 9:00 - meet up by the Arena Varaždin
*this time we can not use Arena facilities by the forest / tennis courts but instead we'll use Time Out bar by the river
9:30 - players meeting (outside, by the forest)
9:50 - 1st round, 14 holes
12:00 - lunch (on your own, we can order pizza etc.)
13:15 - players meeting
13:30 - 2nd round, 14 holes
- winners ceremony (planned for 15:30-16)

On request we can organize accommodation for players in hotel Turist or private apartments.

Course map can be downloaded as a PDF file on this page.

For all event updates check out Facebook event page.

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