World players association PDGA

Any disc golf player can individually join the membership of the PDGA what will give them their personal rating that can show development of their game through the time.

First World players organization was formed in 1976 as Disc Golf Association, but was renamed to Professional Disc Golf Association in 1982. Altohugh in the beginning it was organization for professional players, and there was a separate recreational players organization, with time PDGA become the only main organization for all players - professional and amateur.

Each person that joins the PDGA receives a unique membership number, that is also the number of members that have joined PDGA since it's formation until today. Players who are joining in September 2019 get numbers around 128.000, those who were joining in March 2016 were receiving numbers around 83.000, while joining in April 2015 would give you number around 74.000, in 2012 around 52.000 and in 2009 around 36.000.

The first player from Croatia that become a member of the PDGA is Zvonko Slavić from Pula who joined in 1987 and has a member number 3730. Even before becoming a member he was competing at WFDF's Disc golf world championships in Sweden in 1985.
As of November 2019 40 players  from Croatia have joined the PDGA and 33 of theme were active members in 2019.

Every member that competes at PDGA events gets a rating for a completed round. Top world rating is over 1.000, a good rating by experienced players is over 900, while beginners get ratings of 650 or 700.

PDGA membership costs 20 US$ and it can be ordered at the PDGA website.