Frosty Hills Series 2017

Through January and February 2017 on the course in Toplice Sveti Martin for the first time we have held winter event Frosty Hills Series that consisted of three one-day tournaments. The final ranking was made by summing up scores of all six rounds, and the winners of the first series have become Jelena Geček and Balint Kazai. 

At least one round of the series was played by 38 players from Croatia, Hungary and Austria, but there was only one female and 10 male players who completed all six rounds and got ranked in the final standings. In the women's category victory was taken, with 384 strokes, by Jelena Geček. In the men's category there was a big and interesting battle where several players alternated in the lead and in the end, with the excellent final round, the winner became a Hungarian Balint Kazai with 256 strokes. Two shots behind him, in second place, there was another player from Hungary - Robert Furka, while the third place, with two more throws, was won by the best Croat - Marko Marčec

Players meeting at each tournament was held in the Hotel Spa Golfer Congress Hall so that the players in case of cold weather had the opportunity to warm up before and after rounds. For all those who wanted it, lunch was provided in the restaurant Vučkovec, and after the tournament, players were able to buy a discounted ticket to the indoor pools.

Each of the tournaments was played in two 14-hole rounds what proved to be quite a good option for short winter days, and to give the players enough time to relax in the pools before returning home.
This series has shown that there is an audience that is up for disc golf in the snow conditions and therefore Frosty Hills Series 2018 is already planned.

Frosty Hills Series 2017 - Day 1
The first tournament was held on January 14 by 25 players. In the men's category it was won by Robert Furka with 86 throws, the second was Mario Mesarić (87), and on the third Nino Đurak, Tomi Gorički and Balint Kazaa tied up with the score of 88 throws. Robert Furka had already in the first round played 39 (-5, rated at 1008) what remained a course record, but his poor play in the second round allowed the other players to approach him and to keep fighting for the title.
In the women's category May Šimenc (105) took the win in front of Jelena Geček (130).
Due to the 10-15 cm snowfall on the night before the tournament, the course has seen a couple of minor modifications and OB on two holes was not in the affect.
For results check out the PDGA website.

Frosty Hills Series 2017 - Day 2
The second tournament was held on February 4 and was played by 26 players. Men's category was won by Marko Marčec (81) ahead of Austrians Otfried Derschmitd (84) and Eric Osterwinter (85).
Among the ladies Danica Pajtak (100) was the best in front of Ira Molnar Gorički (111) and Jelena Geček (135).
After two tournaments in the men's category Marko Marčec (171) was holding the lead with one throw advantage over Robert Furka (172) and followed by Tomi Gorički (175), Balint Kazaa (176) and Radule Mikic and Eric Osterwinter (177). While among the men who would take the title was uncertain, female winner was already know as Jelena Geček was the only who had played all four rounds.
For results check out the PDGA website.

Frosty Hills Series 2017 - Day 3
The third tournament was held on February 25 and was played by 26 players. In the men's category the winner was Mario Mesarić (79) which was also the best result in one of the tournament days, while his second round of 39 tied the course record by Robert Furka in the first tournament. Second place went to Balint Kazai (80), and third was shared among Dinko Šimenc, Akos Szabo, Robert Furka and Nino Đurak who all ended up with 86 strokes.
Women's category was won by Maja Šimenc (105) in front of Ira Molnar Gorički (109) and Veronika Toth (111).
For results check out the PDGA website.

The best scores on the course was 39 (-5) played by Robert Furka (rated at 1008) and Mario Mesarić (rated at 989), what was followed by Otfried Derschmidt, Mario Mesarić, Marko Marčec and twice Balint Kazaa with 40. Best Female result was 49 (+5) played by Maja Šimenc (rated at 852), what was followed by Danica Pajtak and Maja Šimenc two more times with 50 while Ira Molnar Gorički had 52.