Croatian Championships 2016

During the weekend 4th and 5th July in Martinuševec in Medjimurje County 4th Croatian disc golf championship was held, and the title of national champions was won by Aki Vuckovic and Danica Pajtak, members of disc golf club Varazdin.

The championship was played during two days. On Saturday, June 4th were played two rounds of the 21 holes, and on Sunday one round and the finals of the best players on 9 holes. Due to the warm weather and long rounds that lasted nearly four hours, ultimately, along to the skills, important factor was the physical preparation of competitors.

By winning in the women's competition Danica Pajtak broke a three-year domination of Maja Šimenc who this year took the second place. The fight was uncertain almost until the very end, but Pajtak performed well in the finals and managed to come from a stroke behind to three stroke victory. The third place went to Natalija Jarec.

Aki Vucković was in the lead among the men from the very first day and he has managed to stay there until the end to defend last year's title. Second place went to a Zagreb player Tomislav Gorički, while it took a six hole death match to get a third-placed player, what was eventually won by Radule Mikić over Nino Đurak.

The championship was organized by Croatian Flying Disc Federation while the executive organizer was the company Lagoda Disc Golf.

The championship was attended by 15 players, but the organizers expect that the 5th edition of the championship will bring in a larger number of contestants as several promotions of the sport are planned to happen in Varazdin and Zagreb, and during the year it is likely that Croatia, along to the existing four, will get two new disc golf courses in Pozega and Labin.

The overall results of the championship are listed at the PDGA event page.